Our “Savings Plan” Tracker

To manage our expenses, I have come up with a tracker for the both of us so that we can gauge our savings to finance for our flat. And here’s a snapshot of it:

Savings Tracker.png

The reason for this tracker is because we find it hard to key in ALL of our expenses every month using apps like ‘Monny’ or ‘Wallet App’. We tend to miss out one or two transactions every week, making it hard to track how much we really have.

With this excel, we will only need to tabulate at the end of the month. Of course, we will still continue to use the app for an estimate of how much we are spending daily or weekly.

Our goal is to save up at least $175,000 before key collection on Apr 2023!


Finally selected our BTO unit!!


So.. We recently just selected our flat! Our first milestone together, yay excites. My friends around are questioning if I BTO-ed so early, would I be able to afford the flat? Well, my area will be due in 2023 according to HDB’s probable completion date.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.23.20 PM.png

That’s in another 5 years time!! By the time I’d already be 27 years old! Not too early already right? I’ll be continuing my studies for 2 years after NS and then get a job after. I’ve done my calculations and I am certain that it will be manageable for us. It may be hard at the beginning but for the location, we are willing to do some sacrifices. Actually we are quite fortunate to secure a unit which will only be done in 5 years time, for future BTO launch (Feb 18 onwards), HDB will be aiming to complete the BTOs in 2-3 years (shorter waiting period), which also means shorter time to save up for the house!!

I volunteered to fork out the option fee of $2,000. We will be paying our first 5% downpayment plus stamp duty around May 18 which is about 42K (sorry the figures will be rough as I am recalling it from the back of my head). The initial downpayment won’t be an issue as we will have enough grant ($30K) and CPF to cover for it.

Our total cost of the HDB including the Optional Component Scheme (tiles and doors) adds up to about 588K (ouch).

To Note: Those NSFs keen on applying BTO, please find your enlistment letter to be able to qualify for the Grants.

Jan 18 Updates + What NSFs should do when applying for BTO

January has been quite a busy week.. Juggling the planning and paperwork of our BTO and also the many exercises that we have to conduct in army. Anyway I’ll be covering my month’s budget, portfolio, and also how the BTO application is going.


I’ve decided to talk about budget first as oppose to portfolio as I believe that how we spend and save our money now will have a larger impact as to how well off we would be in the future.

This month, I have exceeded my initial monthly budgeted spending of $350 by $187.95 (Total Expense: $537.95). The chart below will show that the shopping category have increased quite a lot as compared to last month because of shopping for CNY clothing!! I know, I know this is not an excuse, but.. CNY leh.. Pang chance.. This month, I managed to save 69.6% of my income..

chart (1).png

Overall, I managed to increase my Net Worth by $1,461.39 in Jan 18. This amount includes the increase of share prices in my portfolio.chart.pngMore details available over at Budget page!


As you can see from the chart above, you can see that there is a new category, bonds. I received as SMS alert from OCBC that my application of my bond was successful! Yay, new family member to our PKBF portfolio!


Here’s an update on the equities portfolio:
Capital Injected – $10,000
Market Value – $10,483
Amount in KE Trade – $140
Total Gains – $623 (+6.23%)
I’ll be using this formula to calculate my gains for now on for easier tracking. P.S. I mentioned “Amount in KE Trade” is because I’m using Kim Eng Pre-funded Account so the dividends will be credited into the account. Up till now I have yet to cash out any amount from the account.

chart (4).png

For 2018, the interest and dividend amount that we are estimating to get is:

  • Interests (from SSB) – $77.50 (based on 6 monthly payment of 1.55% for first year)
  • Dividends (from Equities) – $415.92 (based on stocks.cafe projected dividends) 

More details available over at Portfolio page!


There were a few complications regarding the application of my BTO and lessons that can be learned from me haha..

As an NSF, we are considered UNEMPLOYED. I applied myself under EMPLOYED without CPF and they took my gross income / allowance into account. Anyway, I went over to HDB Hub and they said that all the changes in the documents can be settled on the day of the selection of flat itself. They also said that if we did not have any documents they will still let us choose our flat, just that the documents will be pending for submission.

And also as a NSF/Regular, we will need to get a Certified True Copy of our NRIC which can be gotten from SAF Card Centre at CMPB (Level 2). The inconvenient part is that it is only open on weekdays during office hours!! So we’ll need to apply for off or leave to get it. But the process of getting it is quite fast. Only the travelling….

Flat selection will be this coming Monday, 5 Feb 18. *fingers crossed*

My First Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) Application


Just applied for my first SSB of $10,000! We figured out that we did not need the cash for the upcoming BTO downpayment as we will have enough grant ($30,000 under the Additional Housing Grant) and CPF to cover everything. This amount will be put aside for the payment in year 2022/2023, which is in 4-5 years time. This means that we will accumulate an effective return of 1.65-1.71% per year according to their interest calculator on their website.


I’ll be adding more cash into SSB if I have the capacity, I feel that I wouldn’t want to risk it in the stock market (although I know that we can get better returns in the market if we did so). Furthermore, nowadays it’s pretty hard to find a good stock to invest in. Risk free 1.65% (minimum), why not? Better than letting the money rot in the bank right! CASH IS KING?

BTO Application Results

Results were release yesterday and we got it!! First try and it went through! Such a good start to the year! The application rate for Eunos 4 room BTO was 2059 for the 538 available rooms, however we managed to secure a queue number of 70+, what are the chances?! Putting the excitement aside, this will also mean that we will have to tighten our Budget to pay for the upcoming downpayment of about 40K around May this year.

Portfolio has also made a turnaround, from an unrealised loss of $167.66 to a positive $84.34 as of 5 Jan 18!! 2018 huat ah!

A short post but I’ll keep y’all updated on the process of getting the BTO flat! YAY.

PKBF 2017 Portfolio Update

* Updated chart

Here is the chart comparing my unrealised profit vs accumulated gain/loss + dividends for the Year 2017:


Capital in Portfolio: $10,000.00
Portfolio Cost: $10,490.66
Portfolio Value: $10,323.00
Dividends Received in 2017: $256.60
(2.57% gain according to capital pumped, 2.44% gain according to cost)
Total Closed + Dividends: $630.72
(6.31% gain according to capital pumped, 6.01% gain according to cost)
Total Closed + Dividends + Unrealised P&L: $463.06
(4.63% gain according to capital pumped, 4.41% gain according to cost)


I’ve received a total of $256.60 in dividends this year which equates to $21.38 per month. I feel that it isn’t too shabby since I only started investing only around end Feb this year (missed the payouts in Feb sobs). Was the risk involved in investing worth it? Definitely. Actually to me, I don’t really get affected by the changes in share price or rather I try not to let it affect me, as long as my companies continue to give me the dividends, I’m happy enough. Some might not agree but I believe in time to come, those capital that is lost in the share price will be earned back from the dividend payouts.


Taking into account the unrealised profit, the gain/loss, and dividends received for this year, we have managed to close the year with a profit of $463.06, thanks to ParkwayLife REIT. Not really a big achievement as 2017 was quite a rallying year, however, slowly but surely, shouldn’t be too hard on myself as it’s only my first year into investing. Hope I’ll get to learn more and put the knowledge into use next year!

Year 2018

For next year, I would like to venture into getting some Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) if I have the chance to (might not have enough liquidity since we MIGHT BE paying for the downpayment in May). I’ll bound to ORD this coming May and starting school in June, this means that I will not have as much income as I am getting now (unless I find a part-time job while studying, which I am aiming to).

In 2018 I will also bring myself to learn more and improve on how to analyze a company with fundamental and technical analysis. Excited and hungry to learn!

Lesson(s) Learnt

Not to let emotions come into play. I’ve sold Parkway at $2.83 before XD to lock in profits due to talks about the market crashing, however it rallied till $3 even after XD. I think it’s better to keep the noise away..

Oh well, have a great New Year’s Day!

Don’t Say Bojio – Tips on Booking of Hotel

First of all, this is not a sponsored post hor. Although I do get some referral points if you decide to use my links provided hehe.

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What’s so great about it?

Here are 3 main reasons why I choose to book through this platform over the others:

  1. Booking.com is easy to use and gives a lot of flexibility in term to cancellation of booking and payment wise (by Debit/Credit Card or on the spot).
  2. The more you use the platform, the more discount you’ll receive! Complimentary perks like welcome drink, free airport shuttles, and late check outs might be yours too!
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