Finally selected our BTO unit!!


So.. We recently just selected our flat! Our first milestone together, yay excites. My friends around are questioning if I BTO-ed so early, would I be able to afford the flat? Well, my area will be due in 2023 according to HDB’s probable completion date.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.23.20 PM.png

That’s in another 5 years time!! By the time I’d already be 27 years old! Not too early already right? I’ll be continuing my studies for 2 years after NS and then get a job after. I’ve done my calculations and I am certain that it will be manageable for us. It may be hard at the beginning but for the location, we are willing to do some sacrifices. Actually we are quite fortunate to secure a unit which will only be done in 5 years time, for future BTO launch (Feb 18 onwards), HDB will be aiming to complete the BTOs in 2-3 years (shorter waiting period), which also means shorter time to save up for the house!!

I volunteered to fork out the option fee of $2,000. We will be paying our first 5% downpayment plus stamp duty around May 18 which is about 42K (sorry the figures will be rough as I am recalling it from the back of my head). The initial downpayment won’t be an issue as we will have enough grant ($30K) and CPF to cover for it.

Our total cost of the HDB including the Optional Component Scheme (tiles and doors) adds up to about 588K (ouch).

To Note: Those NSFs keen on applying BTO, please find your enlistment letter to be able to qualify for the Grants.

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